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The banished Pokemon: 7 pts (Giratina lv 80)

Female Pokemon: 5 pts

Psychic Type: 3 pts (Mesprit lv 80, Gallade lv 80)

Poison Type: 3 pts

Ghost Type: 3 pts (normal Rotom lv 80)

Grass Type: 3 pts

One-eyed Pokemon: 5 pts

Mechanical Pokemon: 5 pts (Rotom Fan lv 80)

Scythe and axe: 8 pts (Scyther and Kleavor)

Strong offense: 6 pts

Future beginnings: 6 pts (Torterra)

Therian pokemon: 7 pts

Strange-shaped Pokemon: 6 pts (Unown A,B,C lv 60)(Unown !,? lv 60)

Nocturnal Pokemon: 5 pts (Dustox lv 80)

Little Pokemon: 2 pts (Pichu lv 80)

Climbing claws: 7 pts (Weavile & Sneasler)

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